Car Insurance for the Toronto Area

Are you satisfied with your insurance plan? If not, talk to an insurance broker at Chris Mellor Insurance Brokers Ltd. We’re always pleased when our customers learn how convenient it is to deal with an insurance brokerage that has their best interests at heart.

You’ve worked hard to afford a car, home, cottage, or business. You’ve also earned the right to great car insurance in Toronto. We also provide a wealth of home and title insurance plans that keep you protected in every aspect of your life.

Auto Insurance Options
Because we represent a wide variety of Toronto car insurance companies with great reputations in Canada, we’re able to help you get excellent coverage and know that your company is compliant with all provincial requirements.

We know that you expect and deserve great customer service—so here’s what we offer:

  • Flexible payment plans
  • Fast, fair claims
  • Depth/breadth of coverage
  • Service across Canada and the U.S.

Ask us whether you’re eligible for our discounts! We may be able to offer up to 35% off for the following circumstances:

  • 2 or more cars that are insured with Chris Mellor
  • Children who are university students or who have completed driver’s education
  • Insurance holders who are age 50 and above
  • Good driver record (no accidents in the past 6 years)
  • No past traffic tickets
  • Purchasing home and auto insurance plans through our brokerage

Home and Title Insurance Plans
Because your home is your most important investment, it’s critical to insure it fully. Most packages protect the contents of your home, but it’s also urgent that you notify us of any structural improvements that will cost more than $3000; otherwise, you risk being underinsured.

Here are several more reasons to notify us:

  • Vacating the home
  • Using your home for a business
  • Partial or entire home rental
  • Product acquisition that exceeds current content coverage
  • Change of owner on title

Unfortunately, real estate fraud is becoming as big a concern as identity theft and credit card fraud. This threat may mean notice of a fraudulent mortgage or having your home sold without your permission or knowledge.

Let us keep your title safe with TG HomeSafe™ fraud insurance. Contact us about restrictions and starting rates today. This is a one-time policy good for the cumulative years a resident has owned their current home.

Contact us today for more information on car insurance in Toronto or for an auto insurance or property quote in English or French.