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               Trending In Ontario Insurance this Month
With the new "sharing" culture, insurers are working hard to find
solutions. Uber has changed the way car insurance is sold and
AirBnb is changing the traditional Homeowner Insurance policy. 
Luckily, we represent insurance companies that have risen to the
challenge of finding coverage and rates for these new concepts.
Other insurance needs that our clients are asking about?
  1. Course of construction for home renovations.
  2. Flood Insurance vs. Backup of Sewer?
  3. Drone Insurance.
  4. How do I get cheaper car insurance?
  5. Do I need more accident benefits protection?
  6. Do my snow tires get me discounted car insurance?
That is just a small sampling of the questions our staff handles
everyday. We work hard to keep abreast of the changes in
the insurance industry and if we don't know the answer,
we find it for you.  As members of the Insurance Brokers Assoc. of
Ontario and the Insurance Institute of Ontario, we get daily news
about everything of importance that is happening in the
Insurance world.  This allows us to give you the best advice
possible when you trust us with your insurance portfolio.